The New Key to Costa Rica Guidebook

The 495-page New Key to Costa Rica gives you all the information you need to plan an eco-friendly Costa Rican vacation. Author Beatrice Blake has 30 years of experience in writing only about Costa Rica, and was instrumental in the development of the ecotourism movement that has made Costa Rica famous.

The New Key to Costa Rica Guidebook:

  • Lets you plan your own Costa Rican adventure tour off-the beaten path!
  • Supports sustainable tourism throughout Costa Rica, benefitting local communities and conservation
  • Gives listings for Costa Rican ecolodges in any budget
  • Includes internet and e-mail addresses so you can book your own vacation
  • Tells you how to travel in Costa Rica on low-cost local transportation as well as by private shuttle bus, rental car, and/or local airlines, or with a private bilingual naturalist guide/driver.
  • Gives you all you need to know about Costa Rica's language schools, volunteer and study programs.
  • Has information about all Costa Rican national parks and reserves
  • The only guidebook that gives complete information about, and maps to community-based ecotourism destinations throughout Costa Rica.

You can find out more about Community Based Ecotourism and information about specific lodges we work with.

The New Key to Costa Rica was the first guidebook to rate lodgings on their commitment to conservation, preservation of local culture, and fostering local economies. In 1998, the government of Costa Rica became the first government to adopt a similar system, the Certification of Sustainable Tourism.

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