Community Based Ecotourism

Let us connect you with the highlights of Costa Rica at Arenal volcano, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio, Tortuguero and the Osa Peninsula. But with Key to Costa Rica, you can ALSO get to know the cultural diversity of Costa Rica, experiencing indigenous, Afro-Caribbean and campesino cultures in pristine natural settings that are off the tourist trail. Here are a few examples of community-based ecotourism.

Central Valley

Awake to the sound of birdsong, surrounded by lush greenery, flowers and butterflies at Nacientes Palmichal Lodge, in the high mountain coffee country south of San José.


Relax on the verandah of El Copal Reserve and be overwhelmed by the constant parade of brightly colored tanagers and hummingbirds.

Atlantic Coast

Travel by dugout canoe to the indigenous community of Yorkin, and learn how they process the fruit of their sacred tree, the cacao, to make chocolate.

Immerse yourself in exuberant foliage at Casa Calateas, just 4 kilometers inland from the beaches of Cahuita National Park. Visit local farms and learn to make the delicious Caribbean fish and coconut stew, rondón.

Near Arenal Volcano

Experience the warm hospitality of the village of Juanilama and take a dip in their waterfall swimming hole, then have some freshly harvested organic pineapple.

Nicoya Peninsula

Hike to a comfy cabin in a hidden valley at Cerro Escondido Lodge on the Nicoya Peninsula and visit 75-foot Bridal Veil Falls.

Be inspired by the stories of the fishermen and women of Isla de Chira as they tell you what they did to bring back the fish stocks around their island.

Near Manuel Antonio

Step out onto a suspended bridge near a 175-foot waterfall at Los Campesinos Reserve. Learn the secrets of the rainforest and swim in pristine waterfall pools.

Southern Zone

Trek into the ancient oak forests of La Amistad International Park to see the unforgettable Resplendent Quetzal, and experience the natural world at Cerro Biolley Lodge.

Join in the fun of organic gardening and creative recycling at Asoprola.

Learn about indigenous traditions at Bribri Pa Kaneblo in Salitre de Buenos Aires. Be part of the annual Fiesta del Toro y la Mula in the village of Térraba. Stay at El Descanso Lodge.

Osa Peninsula

Enjoy rural community life at Tesoro Verde Lodge, while experiencing the best of Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula.

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